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Fantasy Cricket Software Technopolis

We, at Technopolis, are pleased to introduce the latest fantasy sports platform which delivers features and a user experience that is unparalleled.  Cybergaming/Technopolis is not looking to be one of the top developers when it comes to fantasy sports solutions.  We instead demand of ourselves to be the leading choice for successful fantasy sports businesses.

From Fantasy Cricket Software to other games like soccer, tennis, American football, basketball and even kabaddi, we are poised to deliver whatever it is that your business is looking for!


To start with we have developed a season long / daily fantasy sports software through thousands of hours of development into the platform.  Our solutions are therefore path-breaking to say the least, and only going to get better.  Our season long / daily fantasy sports software has been built from scratch as a cloud platform with focus on:

  • Highest levels of security
  • Robust Scalability
  • Ground breaking performance


In-Game Features include:


Line-up Creation

Users are able to make their own teams by selecting players from an available assortment as per the rules of the content.



The leaderboard is an exciting, dynamic and transparent ranking of how users are performing vis a vis other players.  This makes playing more fun and exciting allowing you not only to compete with your friends, but also with new ones.


Player Cards

Details about players such as performance statistics and the user preference in a line-up is displayed in the player cards.  This information is easily viewed and used in order to make effective selection decisions.


Featured Games

Successful Fantasy Sports businesses are ones that can effectively combine the nuances of great product features along with targeted marketing.  Featured games are one way of doing this with unique banners, names and other customizations.



The first page seen by users has purposely been kept simple and easy to navigate.  The lobby allows users to easily and quickly apply filters and fixtures in order to select their games.

My Games

Here all the contests which users have joined is categorized into Live Contest, Upcoming Contest and Completed Contest as applicable.


Multiple Sports

Here users get the option to choose between various sports and while the choice can be made before login it can also be changed within the specific sport afterwards as well.


Multiple Games

Here various games within the same league / content that the user can play in or has already played is displayed.

American Fantasy Sports - Technopolis

Live Fantasy Sports


Real Time Statistics

Our platform integrates and enables real time scoring.  Thus the scoring for the team created by the user would be available here as per the live performance of the players constituting the team created.


In Game Substitution

Even during the live game, the user can substitute players in the team making real time adjustments possible thus increasing the chances for you to win.


Advanced Back Office


Admin Panel

The extensive and versatile admin panel allows the owner of the site various options from creating games, managing finance and payments, viewing reports and a whole lot more.




Wallet Management

All the transactions, deposits, withdrawals are available for viewing by the user through the virtual wallet.

Payment Gateways

Our platform is supported by multiple leading payment gateways making it easy for players to transact seamlessly.





Users can stay abreast of the activity and performance of other users through the newsfeed by following other users.



Users can chat with each other during the live games increasing the spontaneous fun and learning opportunities.


Friends / Follow Model

The wildly popular friends and follow model from social media sites has been instituted into the game making it more interesting for users.


Private Groups

People love to play with people they know and private groups is a great way of creating and participating in contests by sending invitations to other users.


Share the Contest

Since we love to share we allow users to share the latest updates of their contests through the social media platform of their choice such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Bonus Loyalty


Achievement Badge

Users receive badges as they achieve increasingly impressive levels of performance.  Such recognition builds a healthy competitive spirit and camaraderie.


Referral Bonus

By sending invitations and referrals of others players to join the site users can earn referral bonuses once the referred players have completed the necessary steps required for gameplay.


Bonus Cash

There is always a way to get more!  Users can earn bonus cash through several means including but not limited to winning cash prizes through contests, referring friends, creating private contests and much more.




Free to Play

No cash?  No problem!  There are always many free contests available for users.  Prizes may be in various forms such as bonus cash, real money or other gifts.


Bankroll Builder

Users can also play for free through the bankroll builder and thus get chances to win prizes.  The Bankroll builder is refreshed every week to keep you coming back for more.


Help Text

All parts of the game are labelled with help text making it easy for new users to become accustomed to all aspects of the game quickly.


Mobile Tablet



The gaming platform is responsive to the type of device used by the player and automatically adjusts according to the devices’ capabilities in order to operate seamlessly for the user.


Native Apps

We also have native applications for optimized performance for certain devices such as iOS and Android.




Customer Relationship Module

Various information about the user is stored and viewed centrally in the CRM.  Contact details, played contest reports, users activity tracker, deposits, withdrawals info and promotional opportunities are just some of the information displayed here.


Game Management


Custom Prize Structures

The prize distribution structure is very versatile and can be set to automatic where prizes are randomly distributed and customized as per the admins choice.  The range and other details of the prize distribution can also be defined.


Free Games / Paid Games

The owner of the site can, through the admin panel, create various contests, whether free or paid, and define the entry fee for different contests.


Rake Rate

Rake is the percentage of the game play that the website owner receives as compensation for providing their gaming services.  This can be set and customized as per the site owner’s wish.




SEO Friendly

The gaming platform includes specific support for keywords that make it appear higher in popular listings of search engines.



We have clients to build products, not the other way round.  Therefore, not only are we well placed and capable for almost any customization you can imagine, but we welcome your requests.

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