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Online Poker Software

Online Poker Software

You’re on the lookout for an online poker software that has it ALL. Not an instant play version and a few poker variants as offered by others, but a more comprehensive offering and that too at a very economical pricing. We assure you that you have come to the right place.

Technopolis is a software development company specializing in online gaming software, where we offer not only white label and royalty-free suite options of our unique poker software but also supply support and maintenance services to our clients. In an all-included package, we provide our customers with the design, application development, testing, systems integration, networking service, business process improvement, project management, training and maintenance of the poker software systems, applications and solutions.

Cutting Edge Poker Software

The Technopolis poker software has all the necessary bells and whistles with the primary focus on usability and player retention via clean and crisp poker lobby designs and fully customizable poker tables. With one of the smallest "file sizes" for any poker software we have achieved the objective of making the best downloadable poker software in terms of size and efficiency.

We offer multiple channels for delivery, exactly what your players are looking for:

  1. Downloadable
  2. Instant Play
  3. Mobile for Android
  4. Mobile for iOS

Technopolis HTML5 Client platform

The Technopolis poker software incorporates features such as dynamic scalability, poker game persistence and multiple redundancies into the poker architecture itself.
This means that poker games and services are not hindered in case of any system outrage. All poker servers on which the poker software resides are enveloped in a complete and comprehensive security system incorporating proxy servers designed to prevent hacking attempts and DDoS attacks on the poker software.
SSL integration ensures that the poker clients and websites integrated into the poker system are secure as well.
This is augmented with a robust fraud and collusion control system with dynamic rules hardcoded into the very logic of the poker software and it also ensures that your players and all their transactions are safe and secure at all times.

We take security and scalability very, very seriously.

Multiple Poker Variants

We’ve seen players expecting and demanding for more at all times and the only way to do that is to keep introducing new features and new poker variants.

The Technopolis poker software offers the following poker variants to its clientele:

Holdem, Omaha, Omaha Hi Lo, Omaha 5, 32card, 5 Card Draw, Holdem Blackjack, poker3x4, Reverse Holdem, Stud poker, 7 Card Draw, 7 Card Draw Hi Lo

As a part of our localization and development for clients who are interested in offering localized games to their players, we are open to build anything that you can conceive. Example: we’re at the moment developing badugi and matgo for a Korean client.

You conceive it, we’ll build, implement it for you. No sweat.

Customization and Localization of your Poker Room

This, as we mentioned earlier is our specialty. Not only can we practically implement what is that you have imagined, but we also offer cutting edge development for any kind of local requisition.

We’re among the first developers of the portrait-mode table game-play in the world, so there is complete ease of play for your players; try it, you and they will love it, we guarantee!

Your objectives such as custom poker table design, poker lobby, custom localized avatars, etc will be done and we will take it a step further if you also wish to go in for multilingual and multicurrency options on your online poker room.

Or a local bank integration, perhaps; we’ve been there, done that.

Multiple Platform Integration

The modular framework of the Technopolis poker software platform, combined with an open API concept implemented into our poker gaming system means that we can virtually integrate our online poker software with any other third-party software that you are looking at, or already are signed up with, thereby providing a unified solution as per your requirements.

This also makes business sense as well. You do not have to go through the cumbersome integration process by going in for multi-vendor solutions if you need a poker software and let’s say a live casino software together on your website.

Let us do all the work and you can relax and simply watch your revenues grow.

Multiple Redundancies – The Show Never Stops

In essence, every game server is a hot pluggable component which means that a new poker server can be added on the fly into the poker system to meet additional load and traffic requirements.

The poker server software is able to automatically balance the load. Likewise, any running server can be shutdown gracefully by rotating the exiting game tables on that poker server to other servers.

This essentially means the entire poker software requires zero maintenance time. In case of a crash, the entire system is designed to switch over to other active servers. This whole process is transparent to the end users who continue to play and enjoy poker as if nothing has happened.

This is very important to you, we understand and implement.

Certified Random Number Generator

iTechlabs RNG Certification Technopolis

Though computationally heavy, at Technopolis, for our poker software, we have committed ourselves to provide the best possible shuffle for our poker software by using our own custom random number algorithm.

Unlike other standard approaches, our custom Random Number Generator algorithm uses two random sequences each one generated with a different seed. These two seeds are formed by collecting the random data generated in the poker system in terms of poker server clock; number of games played on that server and the system clock.

Certified by Itechlabs, the respected and premier gaming labs globally.

The Admin Panel or Poker Back Office

  • Enjoy arguably the best back office in the business. Here are some core features:
  • Game management module
  • Tournament management module
  • Player Management module
  • Cashier & Transaction Management module
  • Affiliate & Agent management module
  • Risk Management module
  • Marketing and Promotions management module
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting module


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