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Profitable Gaming

Niche Market that loves to play


Online poker and online casino has been a profitable gaming niche for quite some time now. Post 2005 the online gaming segment especially sports betting, online casino and online poker has been growing at an exponential rate driven. This rise in online gaming profits is driven by increasing internet penetration and expansion into new markets such as central and Eastern Europe and Asia. Even the global recession and subprime crisis hasn’t affected this upward trend in profitable gaming with online gaming profits sky rocketing. This fact makes online gaming especially online casino and online poker a win-win investment where returns in the long run far outweigh the investments. So much so that your profitable online gaming business will pay for itself over a period of time thru the supernormal online gaming profits that it will earn.

MAXIMIZING ROI – Completely Customized Model

Other than choosing a right online gaming software, running a profitable gaming business in the online poker and online casino industry requires:


  •    Good Player liquidity
  •    Large Marketing Resources
  •    User friendly Software
  •    Great Tech support


Since its inception, Cyber Gaming has focused on providing an in depth, integrated and novel business outsourcing model for its clients, designed to maximize their online gaming profits. We give our clients a choice to have their own standalone online gaming business or to be a part of any of our software supported gaming networks. This guarantees that you systems would be up and running at all times, and we’re on top all technology related matters and issues. You can focus completely on the online and offline marketing of your gaming site and watch the online gaming profits come in.

Targeted Marketing


Cyber Gaming has a strong online marketing arm as well which can help you bring targeted customers to your gaming sites effectively increasing return on investments (ROI) and boosting your online gaming profits. The Cyber Gaming software back office provides multi-level player grouping and segmented information as well as automated behavior based segmentation which can also boost your online and offline marketing ROI.

Strong Local Business Model

Cyber Gaming software offers you multiple localization options including multilingual support and local payment processor options. The Cyber Gaming system, especially the poker software and casino software allows licensees multiple localization options including the ability to choose their own logos, fonts, images and languages. The casino and poker environments can be customized with local content as well. The open system architecture ensures that integrating into other localized systems such as external management systems and payment processors is straightforward. This local business allows you to penetrate newer markets with relative ease and grow existing gaming markets which directly boosts your online gaming profitability.