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Online Gaming Services

Online Gaming Services

At Technopolis, we are in the business of ensuring that our clients don't just get a product, but also receive the full benefit of our expertise in this industry. With an innovative and good-looking interface highlighted by colorful and attractive graphics, our products speak for themselves in terms of User Experience and Playability.

In the poker software, the games offered include Texas Hold'em, Omaha Hi-Lo, Omaha, 7- and various other variants of poker. By virtue of having been exposed to poker-type card games from literally every corner of the globe, the “doability” for various poker variants is very high for our game development team.

In the card room, ring games, heads-up tables, various sit-and-go and multi-table tournaments are all available.

The Casino suite may be seamlessly integrated with the same interface and comes with a multitude of gaming options, a list that constitutes some of the most popular casino games, and some exotic ones.

With Sportsbetting software and fantasy software, our gaming software portfolio now pushes new boundaries.

Thus, with a state-of-the-art highly competitive product, our clients now also have the luxury of ensuring that their efforts and time is not spent in merely monitoring daily operations but to chart out their marketing strategy and look beyond current horizons.

We handle it all! Technical, Operational, Customizations and for those who choose to utilize our years of Marketing Experience, we take care of their immediate marketing campaigns as well. We believe in being all that we can be; more than merely a software provider.

We aim to provide services that not only help us and our clients grow to bigger horizons with the passage of time but also to do it in a way that presents a new standard to the whole industry.

A Simple Phone Call, Message or Email is enough to get the ball rolling. Available 24/7, our Services Deliverables ensure that your requests are acted upon while still hot!

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Our Online Gaming Services work to ensure that all operational requirements are taken care of! With dedicated professionals working 24/7 to provide your players and your card room consistent service our online gaming services allow you to strategize and formulate campaigns to get more players to in turn generating greater revenues.

Back-Office Management

Clients can manage their casino, poker, sportsbetting or fantasy sports site with great flexibility and ease using our simple and secured back-office management system. Instant view of all transactions, player information, statistics and reports are available with a few clicks and extensive reports are generated and displayed in seconds. The Risk Management module is integrated with the transaction management system, so as to provide a complete and comprehensive business process.

Online Security

It isn’t merely the financial and personal privacy security options that an end user demands but often, business security aspects like hacking are often overlooked till there is an emergency situation.

Our first concern is to prevent any external or internal attacks to the system and the software, thus enabling us to build security technology among the best in the industry.

Our poker room services are completely integrated which makes our client's gaming business experience flourish in a risk-free environment.

Gaming Software Updates and Upgrades

Poker Card Room Branding & Corporate Identity

The industry has reached a level where most poker rooms today look alike. We understand that your principal theme is to entertain and create and build trust. Hence, making no compromise on quality and presentation, to make your business and portal look different and have your own trumpet to blow is our graphic team's favorite activity.

From Logo to Felt!
We ensure that you are given only the best to choose from and while you may see five samples, we have already exhausted ten times those.

We go deep in terms of branding and for each of our clients, we work on it as we would our own branding. Your Corporate Identity is from the website to the business cards and more!

We ensure that Technopolis clients get their money’s worth and more with special, custom built Corporate Identity.

Off-the-cuff Customization

Great ideas emerge now and then, with the potential to bring about sea changes in the way things are done in this industry.

The sole reason why in one of the shortest period, the online poker industry has developed into a multi-billion dollar industry is the constant innovations and features that are added to the poker card room.

The goal of bringing the excitement, the fun and the environment of a live game online is the ultimate dream and there are constant path breaking features which bring us that close to this goal.

We believe that Customization is the right of every client and we work round the clock to bring to life, the idea that defines a particular client.

Such customization ensures that our clients can come up with an exclusive feature for their card room and we will work to bring it to life for them!

Our gaming services take care of a major part of your overheads and the requirement to hire highly professional executives to manage your daily operations.

This frees up money for you, money that we prefer you spend in marketing while we take care of your operations. Our Gaming Services are there to take the pressure and load of daily operations from you.

Technical Maintenance and Support

Technical Maintenance and Support

Technopolis has an inclusive technical maintenance package for you. We have built this on our overriding belief that our equation with clients goes beyond a mere buyer-vendor relationship.

Technopolis provides completely customizable gaming software to you with our all-inclusive technical support package that offers total software systems maintenance, operations support, 24/7 customer support.

Technopolis has a dedicated team and it comprises of seasoned gaming specialists, software troubleshooting experts and operations support professionals and we work tirelessly to ensure that your business operations run smoothly. Our technical maintenance is tailor made for your local demands wherever You plan to operate you gaming online business from.

Technopolis carries out preventive maintenance, periodic maintenance and in that it does a thorough routine check of our advanced gaming engine. It’s team of experts are available 24/7 to provide you zero to minimum down time to your online gaming business site, thus building the brand value of your online gaming business day after day.

Technopolis is constantly innovating, improving/adding new features and structures to their gaming engine. We train your team to any new technology that we integrate into our gaming software. You are thus, always in sync with whatever new we develop/innovate.

Investing time and effort in customer loyalty can be extremely rewarding in the online gaming business, helping you build a stable and steadily growing client base. Our technical support team will play an invaluable role in this aspect of your business.

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